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Image by Joshua Hoehne
Image by Christian Wiediger


An International Business Project

The goal of this project was to determine the relativity between how effective college education is for preparing us for our professional careers

Business Meeting

Business Meeting

Is more learned on the job than in the classroom?

Business Colleagues

Where does college education prove most useful?


Does the degree matter?

It started when our lecturer said what would come next

Well I believe no one would have thought it'd be that complex

Just imagine, most of us only started university two weeks ago

We expected the studies to start off rather slow

However, they decided to dive right into it

Rather than giving us time to quit

"It's about the intercultural experience," he said

And all of us nodded excitement with our heads

The two weeks passed really fast

The project started and turned out to be a blast

The project did not just include us

But also some people we couldn't get to by bus

Those people are going to a university in a country discovered in 1492

Do you already have a clue?

America it is

And not to start another quiz

The city the university is placed

Is the one people are living who have really good taste

It is New York City

A place many people call really pretty

We got to know each other

And immediately called each other brother

But there was no time for romance,

or a passionate dance

Becasue we got an amazing chance

We did an interview

With people, we barely knew

Those people were experts in a certain field

And talked with us about their experiences, completely unconcealed

Those people already achieved what we are striving for

But what they told us brought us down to the floor

Even though it was something we probably knew before

They are only driving a nice car

And they made it so far

Because they were working and studying like a rockstar

To achieve our goals, the professionals gave us advice

Not to always be nice

But to pay a certain price

The price is not about money, not dollars or euros

But about the coming lows

When something seems impossible it is the most important thing to keep going

That is what differentiates normal people from the ones who are glowing

Success has to be earned

But that was for sure not the only thing we have learned

When the day is one halfway over while the day of the other just starts

Organizing study deserves a Master of Arts

The organizing part might still have been fun

But setting an alarm for 3 am for an interview is definitely none

Even though the last sentence sounds annoyed

We will keep this experience in an imaginary Polaroid

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